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What and How we do so well


All product sold is supported by our team of experts who know how systems work and what features to programme to make technology come alive. IT network building is done in stages, from cabling , telephone set up and desktop configuration. Over seventy percent businesses store data by utilising cloud services. On premise data is the best way to ensure confidence and so limited equipment (thus reducing expenditure) is required to do just that. Most through put data is processed from a desktop, notebook or tablet. It has become a simple task , that anyone can retrieve, store and restore their data effortlessly. Telephony systems have become versatile , allowing users to take their office wherever they have to. VoIP allows any company to take it to the level they want when they have to.

Educating Enterprise

While instilling the thought of handling a business with care, our company offers in house training for selective  technology prefered. Assessing the quality and quantity is the easiest  assignment to determine hardware requirements. So we take the time to sell ideas not just product and services. Our goal is to assign the right hardware and SaaS to fit the clients need. We spend much time teaching every new and existing client the technology available to help them decide or envision their production method. Carefully allowing time to nurture the benefits of applied technology with the though of implementing such service and product available to them, is our intent. Training is very important and we take the time to make sure its understood.

Select whats best for the client

We offer the technology , service and ideas to adapt to new culture and way of thinking to ensure client needs are met and through put of data is easily accomplished. Data Out is directly proportional to effort, care and technology. 

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Bridging our clients

Our company has been around for a quarter century because we extend great customer service and we listen to what the client has to say. We do not compare ourselves to what others do  and we do not limit achievements as a result of capping our efforts. Our focus has always been client satisfaction. So when we look back, our clients success is who we are . Accomplishments is something that is achieved successfully and we take it seriously. Information technology and ideas are ways to improve any business platform, with a goal to increase production.The only way to make money is to spend money . Some of our clients are referred by others because they believe in the products and services provided.  

Communications as a Service includes Voice over IP, such a Skype for Business, and secure VPNs (A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network) that connect remote users. These services are possible without the customer needing to buy dedicated expensive hardware. With Computing as a Service customers can rent virtual servers to host their own workloads with an unlimited number of cores and RAM that is available on demand. Infrastructure as a Service allows you to rent virtualized infrastructure located within the datacenter to run your own cloud applications and servers. You rent the servers, routers, switches, storage, and firewalls. With Networking as a Service, you can use the backbone networking and firewalls and configure the subnets, private and public IP addresses, and all the routing and remote connectivity that you need. The last three cloud services include platform as a service, software as a service, and monitoring as a service. Platform as a Service includes all the middleware tools that you need. You rent the preconfigured platform, which provides you with the tools to build your own applications on.

Brand Name Calls The Shot

When the client is looking to improve, adjust implement new or replace old hardware, all we can do is offer the best in the business. That's what we represent, the best money can buy.   

One of the primary reasons for using the Cloud is that the cost should be significantly lower when compared to traditional computing. In this section we'll introduce the various Cloud payment model options available. In a non-Cloud environment business typically incur a wide variety of on-premise IT infrastructure costs, including physical server hardware, associated storage, networking and onsite and offsite backup and archive. Each of these items is a real fixed cost. As their business grows they will need to increase their capacity by purchasing more of these assets.From APC to Xerox look at the list of vendors we support and its says it all. We implement the best in the class.

MS Azure


Most cloud providers will deliver a service level agreement which specifies an official commitment to the levels of service that they will strive for. If you're migrating mission-critical services to the cloud, you should check the SLA carefully. In the next movie, we'll cover how to compare cloud services with on-premise services.

Computing is now a service. Something that you buy when you need it. In fact, everything is becoming a service, or service-orientated. For a long time, businesses have stated that they get frustrated by the complexity of IT, and just want it to work. Take a greengrocer, or a supermarket. We don't care about the logistics that go on behind the scenes to get the produce to the store. We just want the banana. The main services currently offered by the cloud providers include services such as communication as a service, compute as a service, infrastructure as a service, and network as a service.several of the many authorized lines  CpC Inc supports.