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Service Level Agreement


Consumers shop in store, online or on the go, expecting convenient experiences that allow  seamless shopping , process purchases and pay with ease.  Ignite payments (a registered ISO company wholly owned and operated by First Data / FISERV) offers agreed levels of service and product.  SLA (service level agreement) give merchant option to sign up services and Payment Solutions for a term specified, offering the lowest fees in the industry. Congruently merchants also expect consumers to return because they have experienced the lowest prices, the best service, dependable product and service for agreed prices : it's the way business cycle works. Providing your customers more effectively,  processing transactions with the lowest monthly fee rates with proper expedient customer service is well expected as a normal process, part of the same cycle. The equipment we provide, allows merchants to process sales volume required to sustain a healthy business , while simplifying it more so with the resources Ignite Payments has to offer - we make it simple enough to understand and easy allowing merchants to be more successful than eve before. It all starts with the lowest rates and the Clover Flex - the way every business should operate. Merchant agreements are easily drawn up in minutes, and approved within three days, issuing your Clover Flex at the same time. Yes, merchants have an option- pay much more and less effective with outdated terminals.  Supplemental assistance is also provided, resulting in assured client service twenty four hours three hundred sixty five days a year. This ensures you receive the best customer care, avoiding any and all downtime. With several choices from brick-mortar (face to face payments) solutions to Web base terminal (non face to face payments) , or both- we support your business needs . There are several choices to select, types of provisions you need : from deciding on best and appropriate equipment to installing your product, helping you set up merchant statement access, assisting to acquire and optimize new applications (API) for computer system to advancing onsite service for minimal and upscale solutions. Further, we make it easy for you to undergo any challenge and address any issue - all for a zero cost to ensure full and effective operation to run your business. 

Take command of your business unwrinkled while we undertake the brunt work effortlessly : twenty six year experience and recommendations should be sufficient to suggest new technology such as Apps, SaaS , POS, API, ECommerce and much more.   

Attract new customers with loyalty programs, help reward your regular clients. Discover unique insights about your business , implement employee schedules and online reporting features with HOMEBASE®, use KOOMI® point of sale to streamline easy to use quick service restaurants and cafes . Our portfolio also includes Loyalzoo that acts as a marketing tool - great resources like these are the reasons why your sales volume will increase exponentially each year. Merchant Solutions Live Here - we work together with you to deliver the personalized service and business perception that will empower your success in today’s fast-paced world. Ignite Payments offers solutions with VALUE-ADD service making it easy for our merchant clients, to maximize in store business and online presence, all the time.

Ignite Payments has the best Advantages


We care about each of our merchant clients, bringing about a service level which ensures customer satisfaction in all aspects of their business. We offer ideas, brands and business sense to help you make wise decisions for your company. It's not just a buzz word : our customer service is one call away to solving your business issues and questions and we visit you regularly to eliminate ongoing equipment problems or questions about general business practices: Our company si pro active and pro merchant, we promise to help you with any merchant issue you have. When it comes down to it we care enough to see you through all the pains from running your company to helping you make technology decisions . Our team of experts will guide you through all issues related to your business that involves IT issue, PC or imaging product question, POS terminal machine and merchant statement inquiries you have. We are not just another merchant processor provider ;  Ignite payments 24/7/365  SLA deployment within minutes. Your Service level Agreement will be prompted upon your call any day any time of the year for products and services we offer . Robust E-Commerce solutions empower you to provide customers with a more satisfying shopping experience online. We provide everything you need to set up an online store and expand the reach of your business with global payments, mobile-ready checkout and comprehensive security.

Our goal is to make it one stop shop, easier and faster for all your business needs. We guide you to access online opportunities with suggestions for selling to a wider audience- it's all academic. Whether your customers are down the street or on the other side of the globe, the demand for fast, safe and flexible payment options is universal. "Ignite Payments" products, positions the standard for smooth implementation and integration, up time and processing speed, fraud protection and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards. Whether you are online only or a brick-and-mortar merchant, we can help you create the best payment experience for your online customers. Grow online sales across multiple channels worldwide with the widest variety of payment options available. Discover the eCommerce solution that conforms to your products and/or service with ease allowing expansion with global reach with seamless and familiar online shopping experience. Learn more about your visitors from your online store with insights that help add value to your business.

Ensure faster, uninterrupted online payment service thanks to top processing speeds and an intelligent infrastructure with our Acquirer.

ONLINE ECommerce

  Increase efficiency with our fully equipped online payment processing services -  

How eCommerce Processing Works

1. Your customer enters their credit card for payment on your website’s online form or virtual terminal.

2. The credit card information is processed through our secure payment gateway. Customer card details are validated for security and available funds.

3. Our payment gateway relays the transaction results back to you and your customer.

4. The customer’s issuing bank sends the funds to your bank who then deposit it into your business account (settlement).


  IGNITE PAYMENTS offers the best rates in conjunction with the Worlds Largest Acquirer, First DATA / FISERV and its resources

  • gateway includes several advanced billing options for merchants.  These streamlined payment solutions are ideal for subscription services, membership-based businesses or any other business with a list of regular customers. 

St. Catherines Mississauga Oakville Brampton Woodbridge Concord Toronto North York Markham  Newmarket Whitby Oshawa - credit card processing with merchant solutions  

Benefits for merchant clients

 · one-time entry of customer transaction information into our secure online interface

· Set up timed credit card transactions

· Build fully flexible schedules (any period of days, weeks or months)

· Prorate first payments

· Control declined transactions and customize settings for automatic retries

· Email invoices to your customer

· View and email detailed recurring billing reports and customer transaction histories

· Manage taxes on a per-customer basis

Developer API (Customized eCommerce)

  IGNITE PAYMENTS supports clients 

The Developer API allows merchants to build customized eCommerce website to suit their specific business needs. The API allows you to provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers – one where customers never leave your site to complete a purchase.

We have many resources available through our Acquirer, allowing our developer craft an end-to-end order flow that meets your exact processing requirements. No development kits, downloads or additional hardware required.

Quality First

A company offering personal service and product to Small-Medium Business for  twenty six years. 

Free consultation hassle free

no rush, no immediate hurry- we are not your typical sales office struggling to get your business: we want what is best for you and respect your preference. We always urge clients to approach existing processor to negotiate better rates. We inform and educate - we seek relationship not just salesmanship  

Support and Service

Along with consultation , we sit and discuss cost effective rates, inform and perform best service and product that goes with your agreement with IGNITE PAYMENTS. Equipment  installation is free without cost  for configuration of Clover family equipment.

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