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Merchant Services & SOLUTIONS LIVE HERE

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Clover Mini

Meet The Clover Mini

An all-in-one POS system that takes care of your payment processing, your accounting, inventory and customer loyalty – anything your business needs now and as you grow. Small but powerful

Mini is small enough to fit into any space, but packs plenty of POS power to run your full house, front to back. Future-proof your business

Mini can be as minimal or full-featured as you want it to be. And it will always grow and scale with your business. Stay on top of your numbers

Monitor your sales, refunds, and best-selling items from any computer or mobile device. User friendly interface Your staff can start taking orders with minimal training. Fast processing speed

Cut chip card transaction time down to under three seconds – and serve more customers. Anywhere anytime , access your data anywhere you need to run your business: On the floor, at the office, or on the road by taking payments using Ethernet, WiFi or LTE.

Clover Flex


Built to Travel

Wi-Fi and LTE-ready, Clover Flex is prepared to work on the road. It fits in the palm of your hand – making it perfect for line busting.

More Ways to Pay

Clover Flex accepts chip and PIN, contactless credit/debit, mobile wallets (like Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, etc.), and cash.

Ready, Set, Grow

Clover Flex grows with you. From monitoring sales and profit trends to controlling employee permissions and managing employee shifts, you can run a full POS from the same compact device that takes your payments. Small in size, Clover Flex is built to do business virtually wherever you are. Easy to take with you and easy to hand to customers, they can dip, tap, and enter a PIN, whether in line, in the aisle, or at the table. Real-time Reporting Review your complete sales history, and manage employees with Clover Dashboard – whenever, wherever. Pull a report in real-time by terminal or employee ID. 

Fast - Secure - Easy


Real-time Reporting

Review your complete sales history, and manage employees with Clover Dashboard – whenever, wherever. Pull a report in real-time by terminal or employee ID. 

Stay Connected

Connect your system to the internet with ethernet, Wi-Fi, or LTE (requires a separate service plan).

Custom Configurations

Add your logo, website or even a custom message to your terminal receipt.

Keep Your Regulars Coming Back

Build a powerful customer database with every transaction and use it to stay connected to your customers, advertise to them, and incent them to come back. 

Technical Specifications

Bright, 5-inch HD touch-screen display

Speedy Quad-Core A7 CPU, 1GB RAM

2100mAh Lithium-Ion battery supports up to 8 hours of use for a typical small-to-medium sized business

Sleek - Light - Powerful


Less to worry about with Clover in your corner:

Secure — Backed by over 25 years of data protection, Clover Security helps protect your business and customers. 

24/7 Support — You can’t do it all alone. So when you need help, we’ve got your back. Commerce Sync saves time by transferring Clover sales into QuickBooks and Xero – automatically, every day, with no extra work for your merchants. We make your hard-earned merchant portfolio larger and help keep it yours . 


 Commerce Sync saves SMB’s an average of 300 hours per year. We get things like tax liability right the first time, every time – saving your merchants the hassle of having to clean up any double-entry accounting messes. We’re here when you need us, whether you or your merchants prefer to call, chat or email, we’ll get you answers – fast! 

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